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  1. Thursday August, 21st, 2014

    We’re doin’ it again!

  2. Wednesday August, 6th, 2014

    Read our interview with Steam Magazine on page 17!

  3. Sunday July, 27th, 2014

    Watch us LIVE… online!!!

    Can’t come to the show July 30th? Watch it online!

  4. Monday July, 21st, 2014

    First album available online!


  5. Tuesday July, 1st, 2014

    Two more happy hours at the Brew

  6. Friday June, 27th, 2014

    Live at the Buzzard Bar

  7. Friday June, 27th, 2014

    Happy hour at the Brew

    Get out of the heat!

  8. Friday June, 27th, 2014

    Testing, testing… one, two, check… testing

    Hey, is this thing even on?

  9. Wednesday July, 20th, 2011

    Whats new in the ELP camp……

    Happy Hour at The Continental Club every weds starting July 27th thru the month of august….6:30-9:00pm…..Worn out wood and familiar song comes together for stories of love,life and loss.Acoustic evenings with the Strings,real personal like.

  10. Tuesday May, 24th, 2011

    What the hells goin on around here?

    Peacemaker show live this friday nite at Jovitas ….9pm —All Ages

    ELP welcomes new guitarist and utility man extrordinaire Mac McNabb!
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